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President:                     Christal Ketteler

1st Vice President:       Jamie Rogers    

2nd Vice President:      Leslie Dalton     

Treasurer:                     Hope Neal        

Secretary:                     Gina Blakewell  

                                     Jen Quigg         


Yearbook:                Tara Degelmann


Board Members:      DeVonna Armstrong

                                Tabitha Strezo


Staff Board Members:

                                 Todd Campbell (Teacher Rep)

                                 Cheryl Fullmer

                                 Michele Wetherbie (Teacher Rep)

PTO Website 


PTO Meeting Schedule:   All meetings will be held in the Trails West Elementary  Collaboration Room. 

2017-2018 PTO Meeting Dates:

     August 31st - 6:00 PM

     March 16th - 10:00 AM

     April 26th - 6:00 PM



christal ketteler 

Christal Ketteler


Hometown:  Denver, Colorado

Children at Trails West 2017-18:  Kimberly, 5th grade; Kennedy, 2st grade

Christal began supporting the Trails West PTO in 2013, and this is her second year as President. She joined the PTO because she believes that a school is only what you make out of it, and you can't have a strong school without a strong community surrounding it; so she's trying to do her part.  She has managed a variety of PTO-sponsored activities including:  Nurse Liaison, Red Ribbon week, Distinguished Teacher, Room Parents and the Fun Runs.  When not at the school, Christal works nights as an ICU nurse at Presbyterian/St. Luke's Hospital.

Christal's favorite shoe is a fun, high-heel boot, although her favorite pair to wear Is flip flops.  Quick, fast and reminds her of the beach.

A fun fact about Christal:  She grew up in the Cherry Creek School District and attended the Holly's for elementary school, West Middle School and Cherry Creek High School. 



Jamie Rogers

1st Vice President

Hometown: Arvada, Colorado

Children at Trails West 2017-18: Isabelle, 5th grade; Patrick, 4rd grade

It's Jamie's inaugural year on the PTO Board. As the Secretary, Jamie's primary role is to manage the logistics of the PTO by setting meeting agendas and capturing meeting minutes. She joined the PTO because she knew it was time to transition from watching from the sidelines with her list of ideas to getting in the game to make a difference within the Trails West community. To date, Jamie has spent most of her time at the school volunteering within her kids' classrooms.

Jamie is a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, driving process improvement, efficiencies and solutions to problems within organizations. She spends her free-time watching her kid's sporting events, enjoying life with family and friends, traveling the country, and exploring what Colorado has to offer like her newest obsession…paddle boarding.

Jamie's superpower would be teleportation. It's the fastest and cheapest way for knocking down her long list of places to travel. Plus, she'd no longer have to waste time in the car enabling her to get more done and have more fun.

A fun fact about Jamie: Before becoming a helicopter mom, she was a very adventurous person who would cliff jump, hike 14-ers and jump out of airplanes.



Leslie Dalton

2nd Vice President

Hometown:  Hutchinson, Kansas

Children at Trails West 2017-18:  Emilee, 2nd  grade; Ava, Kindergarten

Leslie has supported the PTO through a variety of activities such as the Scholastic book fairs and Fun Runs since 2013.  This coming year, Leslie will be very busy running the Believe catalog sale in the fall as well as the Read-a-Thon in the spring.  Leslie serves on the board because as a parent, she believes our children's education is the best gift we can provide and support for them.  She wants to be "in the know" related to their education.  Leslie works part-time at Hallmark and spends her time working home improvement projects. 

Leslie's favorite shoe is a pair of hiking shoes.  She loves exploring Colorado.

A fun fact about Leslie:  She worked for Walt Disney World at the turn of the century, before she had kids.


hope neal 

Hope Neal


Hometown:  Potomac, Maryland

Children at Trails West 2017-18:  Callie, 5th grade

This is Hope's first year as a member of the PTO board. As the PTO treasurer, she will manage the organization's finances and track the PTO's income and expenses. While in the past, her school volunteer activities focused on her daughter's classroom (which she wants to do this year as well), Hope joined the PTO board to lend her support to the school as a whole. 

Hope has been self-employed as a freelance marketing copywriter since 2001. This means she gets to go to work in her slippers, which isn't the only reason she likes being self-employed, but it's probably near the top of her list. In her spare time, she contemplates writing a novel and enjoys spending time with her husband, her daughter, and her friends.  

The superpower Hope is working on perfecting is patent-pending Laser HeatVision, so she can melt rude people and warm her coffee at a glance.

Fun fact about Hope:  She once was invited to sing on stage in Las Vegas with Huey Lewis and the News--which she did, even though she says she has zero singing ability.



DeVonna Armstrong

Board Member

Hometown: West Point, Nebraska 

Children at Trails West 2017-18: Gabe, 5th grade

DeVonna has been involved with the PTO at Trails West for years and this is her first year as an officer on the Board. She helps out as much as she can and will do whatever is needed to make Trails West a better school. One of her favorite contributions to date was awarding the reading prizes to the students last year. You will find her around the school this year helping with the Holiday Shop, and continuing her support of the reading prizes, fitness activities, childcare coordination for events, and whatever else is needed.  DeVonna likes to keep active with her favorite activite – boot camp training.  She enjoys working out, tennis, hiking, and going to her kids' sporting events.

DeVonna's favorite shoe is her pair of running shoes, since it's about all she wears.

A fun fact about DeVonna: She played singles on a fabulous tennis team many years ago and won regionals and competed at nationals.



Gina Blakewell


Hometown:  Wausau, Wisconsin

Children at Trails West 2017-18:  Violet, 3rd grade

This is Gina's first year actively volunteering with PTO. She decided to get more involved because of the people at Trails West. She has loved the connections made with other families at Trails, and wants to help build on that sense of community. This will also be Gina's 3rd year co-leading the second/third grade brownie troop at Trails West.  Additionally, Gina keeps busy with her three daughters and husband.  They love hiking, camping, the beach and traveling.

Gina's favorite shoe is one without laces. Her hands are usually full with kids, and a giant purse. She could win any "What's in My Purse" contest! 

A fun fact about Gina:  She and her daughters were all born in different states.  Her husband's job has transferred them to different cities four times, which has sparked their family's love of travel.



Jen Quigg


Hometown:  Aurora, Colorado

Children at Trails West 2017-18:  Ryan, 3rd grade

This is Jen's first year on the PTO Board serving primarily as the office liaison and working some special projects with her Girl Scout Troop as they earn their Bronze Award.  She has also been the 5th grade's Girl Scout troop co-leader since they started Trails West in Kindergarten.  When Jen is not busy with everyday life, you will find her cheering on the Super Bowl Champions – the Denver Broncos.

Jen's favorite shoe is an orange pair of UGG boots to wear to all the winter Bronco games.  They keep her feet toasty and show off her orange pride.

A fun fact about Jen:  She is a third generation Colorado Native.



 Tabitha Strezo

Board Member

Hometown:  Chicago, Illinois

Children at Trails West 2017-18:  Payton, 3rd grade

This is Tabitha's first year actively participating in the PTO.  She decided to participate to know more about what is going on at Trails West.  This year she will be coordinating one of her favorite activities – Restaurant Night, also known as Momma's Not Cooking Nights, to raise money for the school while building community.  Additionally, she will be part of the school's new welcoming group.  Tabitha is a stay at home mom of three, which has her always on the move.  She co-leads the 2nd/3rd grade Brownie Troop at Trails and coaches U5 boys and U8 girls soccer. 

Tabitha's favorite pair of shoes are her Chicago White Sox flip flops because they show off her Southside pride and are easy to throw on when she's running late out the door.

Fun fact about Tabitha:  She runs on Dunkin.


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